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Wow! It looks like your n'hood is really nice and green or should I say pink:) It must be nice to have those areas to walk around and or just look at.

BTW apppreciate you posting the names of flowers. I'm enjoying learning.



Lovely photos. I was just in Tokyo last week and luckily enough caught the sakura. Aoyama Cemetery in particular was spectacular.

I really enjoy your blog, btw!


Haha.. Napping under the cherry trees. Must've been awesome. I'd do that without hesitation.

Thanks for your entry of the names of flowers. I learn a lot.


Gorgeous photos! The cherry blossoms around here are just starting to hit their peak (maybe in a week or so) and your photos have inspired me to go take some of my own.

It must be nice to live in a place where you can nap publicly! I think if we did that here (in NYC), we would end up with all of our stuff missing :)


Your photos are beautiful. Made me wish I am living there although I just visited Tokyo last week... How I wish! =]


Thanks for the comments! I also love the public napping here and have indulged in it myself a few times. Very nice, but I'd never do it back home!

Mari L'Esperance

The sakura here in the San Francisco Bay Area are mostly gone, but I saw a few trees still hanging on to their blossoms in Piedmont today (near Oakland). I'm sorry that I'll arrive too late for them in Japan - we'll land in Tokyo next Thursday and I'm already fantasizing about what I'm going to EAT! Can't wait...


Hi. I am a Japanese lady, born and raised in Oizumigakuen! After having spent a few years abroad, London and Singapore, I am back in Tokyo. As I am not working now I enjoy exploring my neibourhood! I have been quite impressed that lovely shops and restaurants are now in Oizumigakuen (it was't like this before...).
I did not get to see Sakura this year becaue I came back to Japan the end of April. Seeing Sakura is just bliss, isn't it? Please do not hesitate me if you want to exchange info about Oizumigakuen!

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